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Thank you for your support of the arts! 

We represent arts organizations and artists from across Mississippi who know the impact of the arts in every part of this state and we are asking for your continued financial support to the Mississippi Arts Commission enabling them to award much needed grants to artists and arts organizations in MS. 

MAC awards over 300 grants to organizations working in the arts and working artists across the state. These organizations are currently unable to receive 100% of their requests but your support for funding would help support jobs in a backbone industry that leads to revitalization, tourism and the economy!

Your vote for an increase to MAC's General Fund ensures that Mississippi communities like yours can access funds that contribute to the vibrant arts and culture we are known for in Mississippi! 
The MS Legislature has recognized the need to fund arts facilities, particularly those who are in dire need of maintenance and repair through its support of the Building Fund for the Arts. 

Unfortunately, the funds only scratch the surface of the DOCUMENTED needs. 

Your vote for a 6.5M increase to BFA would allow MAC to fund nearly all of its eligible requests. Please support increased funding for the Building for the Arts Program. 

Mississippi Whole Schools Program Data shows that students enrolled in MAC's Mississippi Whole Schools outperform their peers at the district and state levels!

Your vote to continue supporting arts integration in education through MAC's Mississippi Whole Schools Program is a vote for education opportunities for MS school children! 

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For Fiscal Year 2025, we are asking you to: 
  • Support an increase for the Mississippi Arts Commission's General Fund ​to support additional funding for awarded grants. 
  • Support a 6.5 million dollar increase to the Building Fund for the Arts. This ask is not a guess. This is based upon the application pool for BFA funding. 11.5 Million dollars (a 6.5M increase) would allow MAC to respond to the CURRENT expressed needs for arts facility maintenance, additions and repair. 
  • We ask that you continue to maintain funding to support arts integration in education through the continued work of MAC's Mississippi Whole Schools Program. 
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