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We want to prepare you to advocate and speak up for the arts all week long! 

Courtesy of the Mississippi Presenters Network and the Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education, below you will find a several resources to help you throughout #MSartsweek including a calendar to help you take action for the arts every day beginning 1/31 and an updated 2024 Arts Advocacy Handbook that includes editable graphics for social media! You will also find links below to find your representative and what to say to them! Visit our Downloads page for more and send your legislators to our ASK page at

On Tuesday, February 6th, you can also pick up Arts Week Postcards for your legislator at the MAAE Breakfast of Champions at Bitsy Irby Hall on Belhaven's campus at 9am or at the Advocacy Table in the Capitol Rotunda, Tuesday 2/6 from 1pm -4pm. 

Don't forget to show up en masse at the Rotunda Press Conference at 1pm for a huge group photo and PLEASE take a photo with your legislator!
#supportheartsms #MSArtsWeek 

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Who represents me in the Mississippi State Legislature? 

Each person in Mississippi has two State Legislators who represent your district which is determined by your street address. 


In Mississippi, you have a representative in the state house and a representative in the state senate. (different than Congress) 

To find your Mississippi State Legislators, you can enter your street address here:

  • House District numbers are 1-122. The State House of Representatives is identified as the Lower Chamber. 

  • Senate District numbers are 1-52. The State Senate is identified as the Upper Chamber.

Learn more about your legislators including the committees they serve on, room numbers at the Mississippi State House (Capitol building in Jackson) and their contact information.

Click HERE to find a list of Mississippi House of Representatives and HERE to find a list of Mississippi Senators.

Talking to your representatives

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Make an appointment with your Legislators

Sample Email:  (or call) 

Dear Senator (or Representative), 

I am a constituent in your district and would like to schedule a time during Arts Week (February 5-9th) to meet with you to discuss the impact of the arts in your district and the meaningful support of state funding for the arts through the Mississippi Arts Commission.

I am available to meet at your office on 2/6/24 between 1:00pm - 4:00pm (or another date/time you want to meet), we can meet in your office or if you'd like, we can talk in the rotunda where you can see other arts organizations from across the state.


If you are unable to meet with me during that week, I would also love to visit when you are in district to show you the amazing impact of the arts.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and to our conversation. Thank you for your leadership and service.

(Your Name)

(Your Title, Your Organization) 


Find out what state arts funding from MAC has been invested in their district.

The Mississippi Arts Commission is a state agency established in 1968 by the state legislature as the official grant making and serving agency for the arts in Mississippi. Funds which the Arts Commission utilizes to give out grants to artists and arts organizations are voted on every year by the state legislature during the session. Most of this funding comes from the Appropriations bill, though from time to time other bills in support of the arts may be introduced. 

As an advocate for increased arts funding in your community, the most effective information to arm yourself with is to know where MAC has given grants in your/their district. Below you will find a link to grants distributed through the Arts Commission during Fiscal Year 2023 (July 2022 - June 2023).  You can visit MAC's website:


How to use MAC grant list resource

1) Look up your state districts HERE

2) Download the form below to look up MAC grants given in those districts 

3) Contact your legislators, set a meeting and/or send an email thank you for their support of the arts and arts funding where you live! 


Why State Arts Funding Matters: Talking Points

A meeting with your representatives can be as simple as sharing what you care about. They want to know what the arts (and especially public funding of the arts) has meant to constituents living in their district. 

This year, there are three primary asks in the FY25 Legislative Session. 


  • Support an increase for the Mississippi Arts Commission's General Fund to support additional funding for awarded grants.

  • Support a 6.5 million dollar increase to the Building Fund for the Arts. This is based upon the application pool for BFA funding. 11.5 Million dollars (a 6.5M increase) would allow MAC to respond to the CURRENT expressed needs for arts facility maintenance, additions and repair.

  • We ask that you continue to maintain funding to support arts integration in education through the continued work of MAC's Mississippi Whole Schools Program.

Tell your representatives THANK YOU and how much MAC funding and the support of the Arts Commission has meant to you.

Tips for meeting with your elected officials: 

  • Have a conversation about why the arts are meaningful to you and what support of the arts has meant in your community.

  • If you are meeting as a group, assign roles to each person and note who will speak first and what aspects you will each cover. Have someone take notes and let us know how it went. The leader should ask for support and thank them for their time. Ideally keep your meeting to 20 minutes (more or less) as a rule of thumb. 

  • If you are able, use data or compelling examples related to making a case for support of the arts / arts education. 

  • Ask your representative to support state funding for the arts through the Mississippi Arts Commission and other state funding opportunities. 

  • Thank your official for meeting and invite them to visit with you when they are in district. 

  • Follow up! Send a thank you note and if possible, attach materials that supports your ask or illustrates the power of the arts. 

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